You are Likely to require more than just a few feathers on a pole.
Step one when it comes to dusting is understanding which Tools you need to and should not use. For example, feather dusters are far from useful. This instrument only spreads dust from 1 surface to another. Now that you have your resources, here are targeted approaches recommended by maid service burke, va to your house's most hard-to-reach places.
Walls Attachments have become the most effective tool. Work from the top down to catch the maximum dust without creating a mess.
It's possible to tackle dingy stains using a moist cloth. Gently spray It with an all-purpose cleansing solution and operate it on baseboards to whisk debris off in a flash.
Curio cabinets
For at dust trapped in tiny nooks and complex carvings, Use a sterile natural-bristle paint or cosmetics remover, then wipe with a microfiber fabric.
Electronics Notorious dust magnets. Always unplug the equipment prior to cleaning. A gentle swipe using a microfiber fabric does the task, even though a gentle, long-handled brush will collect dust from cracks. Make sure you vacuum dust from round valves and cords because, together with pet hair, it may clog outlets or machines.
Soft toys
Place beanbag monsters, teddy bears, or cloth dolls into a Secure the surface, then choose the things out and shake well. Eliminate things one at a time, shake the clumps of baking soda, and then vacuum the remainder by means of a brush attachment.
Behind appliances
Over the years, crumbs, dirt, along with other debris collect If you can, transfer the appliance from the wall and then unplug. Utilize a long-handled, somewhat moist sponge mop to lift dust out of the rear of the machine, then wash walls and flooring using warm soapy water.
Eliminate heavy dust out of ceiling, ceiling, or appliance vents Wipe detachable, washable air filters nicely in warm soapy water and simmer prior to repainting.
Ceiling fans
Switch Off the energy supply, then put onto a step stool. Use moist paper towels to wash Greasy dust out of the casing.